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Here you can get a full set of dentures (upper and lower) for $ 425.00 yes $ 425.00

or a partial for $ 325.00 these are the very best acrylic dentures, made in a F.D.A approved and registered lab, your dentures will be made of the highest quality material and the very best workmanship, and we make it super easy for you, a dental tech. will bring impression material to your house and make sure a good impression is made, all included in the price no travel and no sitting in a waiting room Questions" ?? call 866-271-6653, if you call and we dont answer please leave a call back number

Take 6 months to pay , no interest for 6 months with approved credit of course, 15daydentures payment only( for now) , please talk to dental tech. for assistance
pictures of dentures like you will get
how to make a copy of broken dentures,We do not repair dentures !
one full upper denture with 14 teeth $ 325.00
one upper partial with 1 to 13 teeth $ 325.00
make a new full set of dentures $425.00
a copy of your existing dentures $ 425.00
15daydentures.com If you need dentures this is where you should be, when all is said and done it comes down to how much can you pay for dentures, if you can afford the cost go to a dentist if not , let us help

Contact us at iodahoboy@yahoo.com

one full lower denture with 14 teeth $
Lab equipment and photos
Questions and answers !!!!!
one lower partial with 1 to 13 teeth $ 325.00
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